We will be a future hope by saving the earth and
us with the world’s best hydrogen production and storage technology
Production/ consumption flexibility
  • Produced from fossil fuels and renewable energy
  • Transportation·Building·Power Generation Fuel Cell
  • Simultaneous supply of electricity and heat
Large-scale energy storage/transpart
  • Medium for mass storage and transpart of power
High efficiency
  • Up to 90% of the total efficiency of fuel cells (When using electricity + waste heat)
  • Hydrogen production possible
  • with renewable energy When using fuel cells, only non-polluting water is discharged
Energy security
  • Oil replacement offect (Korea, along width Japan, has the world's highest level of dependence of oil and gas overseas)
  • Reducing carbon emissions and responding to environmental regulations
New growth engine
  • Shared growth in related industries (Renewable energy, chemical stell new materials, mechanical equipment, construction, ICT, etc.)